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SAVE CIVITA Because Sudberry Won’t


Civita and Serra Mesa Communities Trying to Save Lives.
We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing pedestrian fatalities.

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To learn more about the lawsuit:

Lawsuit: Save Civita Because Sudberry Won't v. City of San Diego,
Case Number 37-2017-00045044-CU-WM-CTL
San Diego Superior Court – Central Division
Date Served: 12/5/2017 Date Filed: 11/27/2017

To learn more about the Quarry Falls Specific Plan:

To learn more about lobbyist activities at the City of San Diego:


Information on the fight against the freeway connector: 


Past Articles

2013 Urban Land Magazine – 4-19-2013: "Civita: San Diego’s New City within the City"

2014 Voice of San Diego - 12-15-2014:
“Mission Valley Keeps Getting More Roads – and More Traffic”

2015 San Diego Union Reader – 11-9-2015:
“More Myrtle Cole cash from big time developers”

2015 San Diego Reader – 8-4-2015:
“Big cash for Myrtle Cole from Mission Valley”

2016 San Diego Reader – 10-12-2016:
Civita’s Opposition to the Freeway Connector, “When they put a Road Through Your Urban Village”

2016 San Diego Reader - 10-26-16
” Letter to the Editor, Out Cry over Civita, Residents demand Walkable Community"

2016 San Diego Union Tribune - 12-5-2016 – demonstrates contradiction of priorities by Council members between UTC and MV.
“Outcome (defeat) by City Council on vote on Regents Road Bridge”

2017 Times of San Diego – 4-29-2017: Article mentioning Orange Shirts at the Park Opening:

2017 Mission Valley News -
Article mentioning the Orange Shirts at the Park Opening

2017 San Diego Union Tribune – 8-24-17 “
Residents opposing new 805-Friars Road Connector”

 2017 San Diego Union Tribune – 9-14-17
“S.D. set to pay $12.5m in baby’s death”

2017 San Diego Union Tribune – 10-31-2017
“Connector Road OK’d between Friars, I-805”

2017 San Diego Reader – 10-27-17 mentioning Circulate SD’s change of purpose and Sudberry’s donations.
“Bicyclists vs Civitas Residents re Road”

2017 San Diego Reader – 8-22-2017 Article mentioning Sudberry and Fenton’s efforts to control Mission Valley development.
“Friend of Doug digs deep against SoccerCity”

2017 San Diego Reader -  8-22-17
“Rocky road: Civita residents to push back plan”

2017 San Diego Union Tribune – 11-29-17
“Group of Residents sues City to Block Friars, I-805 Connector”

2017 San Diego Reader  - 11-28-17
“Save Civita Because Sudberry Won’t”

2017 Voice of San Diego – 12-6-17:
“City Won’t Monitor Transit and Bike Usage in New Development Plans”

2017 San Diego Union Tribune – 12-6-17:
“Mission Valley gridlock: Failure is an option, says one group

2017 San Diego Reader – 7-5-2017:
“Mission Valley money”

2017 San Diego Reader – 3-17-2017:
“Will political money war lay waste to Mission Valley?”

 2017 Voice of San Diego – 5-16-2017:
“How San Diego's Biggest Developers Swarmed Against SoccerCity”

 2017 Voice of San Diego – 12-8-2017:
To Create Its SoccerCity Analysis, SANDAG Used a Loophole for the First and Last Time”

 2017 San Diego Union Tribune – 9-8-2017:
“SANDAG says SoccerCity underestimates traffic impacts in study contracted by project rivals” Sudberry and Fenton influence.