Civita and Serra Mesa Communities Trying to Save Lives.
We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing pedestrian fatalities.

SAVE CIVITA Because Sudberry Won’t

Finger trails lead from Civita Park and end at Via Alta and Franklin Ridge; however, there are no crosswalks at any of these trail heads to allow residents on the other sides of the roads to cross safely. The flaws in these roads create dangerous pedestrian situations. Sudberry and the City understands the necessity of crosswalks for safety and installed FIVE crosswalks on Civita Blvd. between Via Alta and Franklin Ridge. Yet, there are NO crosswalks between Civita Blvd. and the top of Via Alta and Franklin Ridge, both half-mile stretches of road.

Map used for Marketing and Sales Disclosure distributed by Sudberry, New Homes, Shea Homes, Ryland (now CalAtlantic) and TRI Point, showing a dead-end at the northern point where Via Alta and Franklin Ridge join (C). There is no indication of the City’s planned freeway connector

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