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Civita and Serra Mesa Communities Trying to Save Lives.
We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing pedestrian fatalities.

San Diego City Council recently approved a 4-lane, 55-mph freeway connector allowing 34,000 cars a day through Serra Mesa and half-mile stretches of Via Alta and Franklin Ridge roads in Civita, a dense residential community. These roads are permanently flawed because the steep slope and the curves of the roads prevent crosswalks or traffic calming from ever being installed. If the speedway connector is completed, lives will be at risk. Because of the permanent flaws, these roadway segments are “unsafe at any speed”.  

The City, politicians, and large developers in Mission Valley argue this sacrifice needs to be made for the “Greater Good,” stating the rest of the City will benefit from the connector by allowing more homes to be built in Mission Valley, a flow of regional traffic between I-805 and Mission Valley’s Friars Road, and a GPS short cut for commuters.

Why we are going to court

Save Civita Because Sudberry Won’t” filed a lawsuit on Nov. 17, 2017, in San Diego County Superior Court.

The lawsuit was filed based on the belief that the connector project does not comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the City of San Diego General Plan, and all applicable laws, for example, the Planning and Zoning Laws (“PZL”).

Also, the roadway segments were not designed in accordance with walkable, mixed-use, industry-standard practices for accommodation of pedestrians and regional freeway traffic and is not compliant with the City’s Council Policy 200-07 and the City’s street design manual.

The goal of the lawsuit is to stop the construction of the 4-lane freeway connector and in doing so prevent pedestrian fatalities.  For more information on the lawsuit and issues with The City of San Diego and Sudberry Properties, go to the Opinions tab.

Depiction of life on Via Alta if freeway connector is built

SAVE CIVITA Because Sudberry Won’t